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TK- Sale, House, Longdenville Old Road, Chaguanas Place , $TT1.2M 

2 storey incomplete house with covered parking area on 5000 sq. ft freehold land.  
Upstairs comprises of 3 bedroom 1 bath with porch whilst the downstairs has 2 bedrooms 1 bath and a covered porch.
Price:  $1.2M


TK- Sale, House, New Settlement, California , $TT3.5M 

Incomplete property on 5900 sq. ft freehold land close to Point Lisas comprising 2 unfurnished apartments downstairs, each 1 bedroom 1 bath.  There is a large garage space to accommodate another apartment.

Price:  $3.5M neg.


Teak View Development- 11 Lots, from 600k -1.1 mil.. All appovals ready

This is a development of 11 lots, of various sizes. All the necessary  towns and county approvals are ready and finished—lots 3&8 and not longer available. sizes ae from 5147-6795.31 sq ft . lots 2-6 ae 600k 


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