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The sole objective of JAADE Property Realtors Managers, is to provide landlords and tenants with a unique level of service and accountability based on the simple promise that a truly satisfied customer is one who is confident their property is being well maintained, is always in a condition to be able to optimize a financial return and that the tenants are content


We believe tenant education is also a vital part in the management of a property. Tenants need to be informed how to maintain the property so that m   educated, for example, in relighting a hot water service, how to operate an air conditioner, how to operate the stove and what to do if the safety switch trips, will cut down on unnecessary costs.



JAADE Property Realtors Managers offers unique benefits in their management package. We have found that one of the areas lacking attention in property management is maintenance. High costs in unnecessary maintenance repairs are sometimes caused by property managers overlooking minor problems. In some cases, the Landlord is not advised of maintenance issues and these become major issues which cause the property to be left in poor condition. This can bring up problems with the tenants, and can decrease the value of your investment.

This is why you need to talk to our property manager about managing your investment, and giving it the type of attention it requires. By doing the necessary maintenance and keeping the property up to scratch, it not only increases the value of your investment, but also keeps the tenants happy. If the tenants are happy, they pay their rent on time and also look after your
investment. It is a win win situation

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